Saturday , November 28 2020

Thanks to Apple, WhatsApp will not let you add your own stickers as easy

We were all very happy when we got the WhatsApp stickers, but everything can not be happiness, at least not for iPhone users.

It was almost unrealistic how much time we had to wait for WhatsApp to design to put stickers in their application, but it seems that we are still not completely on the other side. Y da: you can add non-app stickers and even personally. The bad: many times you have to download them from the app store with everything and application. Not practical.

Last! So you can download the new WhatsApp stickers

Apple does not want all those stickers in its App Store and WhatsApp is thrown back

Apple is a very "plan" or doing things my way, or you're going iPhone. " She already showed Tumblr when he moved the app from his store, leaving them to ban all Content of NSFW which in practice gave life to the social network.

In the case of the green messenger, Apple moved the vast majority of stickers from storage, leaving just a couple. Now, users can see the fun and different stickers that are sent by their friends with Android, but are stuck with the failure of the app.

How did WhatsApp respond to this? He removed the option away add more stickers, which was just a shortcut to take you to the app store to download new ones.

Yes, you can go to the store to download the survivors, but what is happening between Apple and WhatsApp? So far it is not known why the apple company has disappeared this content, or why the courier has deleted the option to add new images. How will all this end?

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