He was one of the highlights of Elon Musk's career, so that he achieved his goal: to give Tesla and dummy from the name Starman in space with the Falcon Heavy, and cross the fingers so that he can reach Mars. Well, that seems y mission of the company is about to be achieved, since the Roadster and the nickname Starman, in tribute to David Bowie, they are already orbiting the red planet, as confirmed by Twitter SpaceX itself.

In fact, this is not the only address geek SpaceX has given its tweet as well as Do not Panic which has incorporated the Roadster screen, the space company has given another goal to The Guide of the Galactic Hitchhiker, referring to the "Restaurant at the end of the universe", the title of the second installment of Douglas Adams and which was considered to be of course to me worst from comedy science fiction:

Yes, as you can, SpaceX achieves milestones as plans become a reality: the Tesla Roadster and Starman they have been in space for 10 months as they were rotten in February, thanks to the experience of Falcon Heavy, the largest and most powerful SpaceX rocket ever used to carry material in space since re-using NASA Saturn V rockets, the ones that took Men to the moon during the life of Apollo in the 60's.

If the initial plan is completed and the calculations are correct, the Tesla and Starman will return at some point to the Earth's orbit, if it does not conflict with some spatial or asteroid objection. The Tesla orbit modeling study, carried out by a team from the Scarborough Planning Science Center, at the University of Toronto, calculates that Starman Again touches the earth's orbit, a few thousand kilometer of planets, in 2091.

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