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Take care of health sensors on mobile devices


Digital electronics has become very small today and for that reason we have cell phones with real computers, several times dozens better than desktop ones. And it's probably the reason why a high-end phone can cost so much more than a full laptop or desktop computer. Finally, we have at least the same power as computers, but in much smaller areas and, of course, it costs money and much.

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But ultimately the health bands came with telephone phones, which use a series of sensors to try to measure the essential signs of those who carry them. Therefore, in practice any health band, including the cheapest in the market (the Chinese ones), can measure the pulse and sometimes even the blood pressure. This might allow those with a band on their wrist to know if their pulse is faster than normal or that their blood pressure is adequate and if the measurements out of the "normal" ranges, because you would probably have to think to go to the doctor or go to Emergencies, so as not to lose a possible health crisis.

Cell phones are often the real computers behind the health bands, which is no more than "small terminals" that measure and transmits to an app on the phone to display results, graphics, and so on. And obviously I'm sure more than one company is already working on a device that can erase the phone and that the health band is all that it needs.

Apple watching, for example, is a series of health sensors that can measure a lot of things, and according to the information we have, applications that measure our essential signs or our way of practice authenticated by companies They are dedicated to the health of people at a professional level. However, we should give notice about what these sensors do.

Every measurement in a person's body, for example, in a hospital, is done with "life support" equipment, that is, they are systems that have much higher quality control than what is done in bands of health leave or post-modern. These life support devices have passed a series of controls to be able to set themselves up as reliable measuring devices. And that's exactly what many health bands or smart viewers are suffering from. Yes, it sounds pretty nice to see how Apple's watch shows us to be an electrocardiogram of phone on the phone screen, but from that for doctors to take that information as it is, something that will not happen.

It should be noted that medication does not have life support measurement devices (which make them much more expensive), but in other activities there are critical devices that are essential to trust their measurements and help them avoid any problem. fake data. For example, in plumbing there are consoles that are fitted on the wrist's wrist, and it can measure the speed the gunder needs to extend to the surface to get out of & # 39; r water without excessive nitrogen problems in the blood that can only be solved in the blood of the hyperbaric chamber. And these devices are very important because it depends on them that the diverters leave the sea safely and firmly but they can also fail. In fact, one of my brothers is a professional dipper and has failed to upgrade his console. My brother remarked something strange and decided to ignore what the device said and went to learned procedures and left the water without problems. The console maker was notified and my brother took a picture of the same screen where the error was displayed.

So, trusting in technology is something we all do well, but trusts that a device can measure our essential signs and take data with the certainty that they are adequate, especially in non-& It helps life This is not the best idea. We say that all those sensors are interesting, fun and even an argument to sell our technological toys more expensive, but not a good idea of ​​life, not a good idea at the best.

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