Saturday , June 25 2022

Stream: Luis Zapata receives an impressive gift from an unknown woman: "I'm surprised" – Shows and Culture


A red competitor receives an impressive gift from an unknown woman:

The young man who aims to be a singer said that "a very sweet voice" had asked for her address and she was surprised and desirable. Tvn


Luis Zapata, one of the singers that he wanted in the second season of Red, in the social networks of the striking donation received by an unknown person.

By your account in Instagram, the young man said he was "effect" after a woman gave him, no more than no less than a big piano.

How did this happen? Zapata said this Sunday "A very sweet voice contacted my mom, saying that I need to know my address to give us the most respectful way. "


"We never expect him to be a huge piano… Imagine how happy my dad is playing a real one and no one has drawn, I'm very happy, "he added.

Remember that the young man has told his life story in the program where he showed his family's fate for the instrument, but they lacked this.

"Thank you for that note of my life that touches the heart of that person, for allowing us to share our art with colleagues and touch the hearts of people with day-to-day singing and dancing, "he said.


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