Friday , August 19 2022

Stop! Few tickets left for Vinea Festival


Animators of the Viña del Mar Festival, Martín Cárcamo organized María Luisa Godoy, along with the mayor of Virginia Regginato and executive producers of the Pablo Morales and José Antonio Edwards festival, press conference to answer media questions in the Sheraton Miramar Hotel

Animator Maria Luisa Godoy, and the floor initially said that Viña "had been a six month job

"I must admit that what makes me happy is the tremendous companion. For me, it's been a discovery to meet Martín. I really love it Well, he's my friend. The three months here have been very intense. There are things that are given or not. And there was chemistry immediately, "he said.

On the other hand, Cárcamo drew attention to the team's equipment due to the previous experiences of previous events.

"If we had to define a feeling, it's a lot of joy today," he said.

In terms of selling tickets, producers make sure that the rest of the day that Marco Antonio Solis is presented, and a little more for Raphael, as well as emphasizing that the other days have already run out.

He also reiterated that they would do everything to meet the challenge to present the event at 03:00 a.m. However, respect for artists was emphasized.

"We will have to negotiate, develop scenarios to make this happen in the best possible way," said Cárcamo.

The animators referred to the responsibility that pushed on their shoulders for the scale they could get, following the Fox reception of this year's broadcast.

In terms of applications and artists, the producers said that the biggest application was a 737 boost, to transmit the Wisin y Yandel duo that will have a previous presentation in Guatemala.


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