Wednesday , May 25 2022

Stage promises the end of the tenant's problems: including economical monthly payments and awards


Lease Accommodation is the name of a new web platform that aims to solve the most common problems that face owners who rent their properties in Chile.

Late payment in the leases, difficulty collecting and ruling with their tenants, is part of the most common problems.

In response, Benjamín Labra and Nicolás Knockaert created their company, a raises up to 4% of the total value of the lease and has 600 clients already, as they told Diario Financiero.

Once accepted, the owners will have an appraisal of the candidates and their collection control through Servipag. But what its users appreciate is that, in case tenants judge the problems, for example a platform assumes the control and costs of the trial or call a It also includes rent that is due for nine months.

The platform works as a system that is subscribed to SaaS-Software as a Service, where the software and data are discussed centrally and are hosted in one server external to the company.

"Two-thirds of those who contract property management services do so because they feel it gives them assurance, but, in practice, they do not offer what they are looking for, always receiving a payment and without arrears, "said Labra. medium

ArriendoAgugurado expects to raise new capital and reach thousands of clients before February. Once they get the money, they hope to grow first in the field of technology, marketing and commercial.

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