Sunday , June 26 2022

SQM falls into the bag


The series B closed the session's anesthetic mining company with a 6.06% reduction, a figure that reached almost 10% at some point,

Lithium price warns investors again after the major mineral producer has given a signal that prices will fall, which led to a wave of sales of lithium-related shares. In this way, SQM was one of the most penalized actions, which also affected the S & P / CLX IPSA.

With this, the B series of the anesthetic mining of the session closed with a 6.06% reduction, a figure that reached almost 10% at some point, which produced a stock market query before the sudden movement.

"We do not know about any incident or event that could explain the variation in the price of the share," said company general manager, Patricio de Solminihac, in the response letter.

According to local market operators, sales come from foreigners, through ADR, in the field of renewal of concerns about the condition of lithium prices.

These results are in line with the lithium producers in the world, after the Orocobre mining company, with Argentine operations, has been warned about the lithium carboni carbon reduction.

The company stated that it would receive $ 10,800 per tonne in the last quarter, which represents a significant reduction of 25% of US $ 14,699 received during the period April-September.

SQM was not the only one who fell. And the shares that have cascaded with Julio Ponce Lerou are the company's largest shareholder, who also suffered lower prices of lithium. And with lower revenue from SQM can reduce dividends, the main income of these companies. For example, Oro Blanco reduced 5.55% and Calichera 5.26%.

In addition, these losses had an impact on S & P / CLX IPSA, which ended with a 1.11% loss of 5,053.17 points.

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