Tuesday , January 19 2021

Servel defends himself against criticism for very low participation in primary schools: “We comply with dissemination” | National

The Electoral Service (Servel) is criticized for allegedly not properly communicating, explaining or publicizing the election process on Sunday, where some political treaties put their candidates to a popular vote in primaries for the April 2021 elections.

In addition, the organism has been whipped up by the very low participation registered yesterday: 2.89% at the end of this issue, with a total of 418,685 votes in a list of 14,470,550 people authorized to vote, 13,909,835 independent and 560,715 militaries.

Along these lines, and in a balance of the day held this Monday morning, Patricio Santamaría, president of Servel’s Board of Directors, protect the entity and make sure it did what it had to do to reveal the details that the citizens needed.

“We did what we had to do. It is our responsibility to administer and organize the election, there has been a campaign and if you review we received six free radial capsules daily and all diffusion about the primary schools ”, Santamaría noted in the example.

“We also hired TV adverts, written press, and digital media. We were present on all our Twitter, Instagram and Youtube platforms in such a way we comply with dissemination, clearly within the framework of the budgets available at this point ”, added the manager.

After that, Santamaría declined to provide analysis of the high number of Chileans who preferred not to go to the polls, who stated that they thought this phenomenon should be analyzed in terms of assessing institutions and empowering people.

“(Forward) Participation issue I’m not going to refer it, I think it’s not appropriate. (…) I’m going to say that I think, from my point of view a number of different reasons and should not be attributed to certain elements, the situations or circumstances of a low participation issue, but it must be looking more systematic, multidisciplinary, “he said.

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