Saturday , July 2 2022

Sename asks the court to protect your tutors who recorded how she beat her pet to death | National


The National Youth Service asked the Warranty's Warranty to protect # a few who tortured her pet to death, and recorded to upload to the Internet.

On Thursday, El Pinguino explained, animal groups led Codda they made a formal complaint to Punta Arenas PDI, to give more information about the death of a cat by a young Magellanic student.

In this regard, Mauricio Negrete, head of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the PDI, said "we had a complaint from a representative from every animal group from Punta Arenas about the case known at the country level."

"They need to reassure the public that they are working," added Negrete.

Adrián Garrido, president of Codda, stressed that they will not allow events such as the one that happened with the cat, as a group, to continue to happen, so they will take legal measures so that the offense will not end up .

"We told us that this fact was not only was it seen here, but also in other sectors of the country, and that is why we can not continue to take this kind of action, "he said. He also said that they will be evaluating joining a league or a white.

"We talk about a child"

Similarly, Sename's regional director Mario Miranda said "we are taking information about the situation through social networks and we are contacting the defense and rights office, to connect to the family, and ability Providing those alternatives is necessary to help us. Today (Thursday) we became part of the Family Court to join a protected case that was previously open. "

He said they were waiting to see how the case is developing to evaluate "if any protection issue is a precautionary measure in any of their programs."

In addition, he made an important call to the rest of the community, To be able to talk to their children, to see the control of their access to social networks, i YouTube. There is an issue of danger where the under-age is open, not only as in this case, where there are also cases of harassment of adults of underage. "

Justice ceremony, Fabián Mella, said that this case was about Government in criminal and civil matters. "We know that there is a criminal responsibility in adolescents in Chile, which could be used in this case, but also we are concerned about the oversight that occurs. Let's not forget that we are talking about a child that, although he is 15, is small. "

"We call on the community to be economical, there are organizations that are investigating this," he said, and asked the public not to follow the "funas" that started in social networks.

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