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"Security is an excuse, but the bottom line is the struggle for hegemony" t


The Google siege to Huawei in the midst of the trade war between the US and China has been one of the most popular news of the week. What is behind this shredding that threatens, as well, users of the brand?

In Última Mirada, international analyst Raúl Sohr "explained that in China it's not going to make any difference", because "the Chinese have their own programs and systems, so that Huawei will continue." be a great company, t it is likely to continue to have a major influence in Asia and in many Africa"

According to Sohr, "The issue of security is the excuse, a shocking screen, but the fight for hegemony down deeply" t. This considers that while Britain has identified engineering problems, to date has ruled out the presence of a back door.

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What opportunity is there for a new cold war?

According to the expert, "there are fundamental differences" between China and the Soviet Union. "China does not have the ambition to defeat the world ideologically and politically, as did the Soviet Union t. The Chinese do not believe that everyone in the world has to practice Chinese communism, "he said.

In addition, while "China to answer", so far his policy has not been confrontational with the United States.

However, he warned that "We are going to reach a technological department where oriental technology and technology will the west again".

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