Sunday , October 2 2022

Season 7 of Fortnite includes land with snow, aviation and a new skin for weapons


Season 7 of Tour includes an update card that adds a new part of land with snow on the popular video game map, as well as new glosses for weapons and vehicles by placing roles and even Stormwing aircraft even X-4, the they can be used and allow air assault.

In addition, a creative new feature has also included where players who win the battle path will have an early access to their own creative island. The rest of the players will receive them from December 13.

The snow landscape, established due to winter's proximity to the northern hemisphere, means that the players slip and in the southwestern part of the Fortnite map, including three new locations: Frosty Flight, Polar Peak and Happy Hamlet. In addition, the oldest areas, including Flush Factory, have various changes with this update.

Cable lines have also been included to travel fast in high areas and remove weapons such as the Shadows, the Shockwave, Port-a-Fort, Chillers, Clingers and Double Shotgun Barrel Double.

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