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Scorpio – Monday, December 3, 2018: Womens in your sign, passion!


News news: Moon in Libra moves to Scorpion's sign. The Mercury planet continues back in Scorpio and Uranus, also back ago, in Aries. Your manager, Pluto bluetooth is Capricorn, directly. The Venus planet is also your sign, directly.

Do not be unconscious, Scoring. Lastly, you'll get the job that you've been looking for and you have been preparing yourself by the time. You start a productive remedy and from this time you will give you a period of promotions.

Now, as Mercury goes back to your sign here is the right day to set up economic calls or discussions with your partners or creditors. Try to maintain a balanced attitude at all times. In love, you'll begin to see answers to some concerns where you were not just seeing problems.

What do I do if your sign is not compatible with your partner?


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An unexpected journey puts you on a romance path. This is excellent for single, but if you have a partner, do not let lessons be misinterpreted and are looking for problems in your current relationship. Look after what you have and there will be no problems.


You feel that special drawing is in your life and health invades you. This translation should be translated into something positive that, in turn, allows you to improve your physical conditions and start exercise exercise in a gym today.


Your disposition of service and work capacity will be the keys to your success on this day. Do not be impossible when your colleagues do things like you would do, do not forget that everyone does not share your vision of life and work, Scorpio.

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Money and fortune

With a will, a lot of organization and discipline, you will be able to carry out all your economic projects, but you have to put an armor of enthusiasm not to be ruined by the small natural disadvantages of financial life that are now happening to happen with several post- grade in your scorpion horoscop

Astral biorhythm today

Sexual energy level this Monday: moderate.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: your ability to adapt to new situations, your natural instinct and your intelligence.
Hazardous tendency today in your Scorpion sign: committing shortcomings by talking more than what is necessary.
What should I avoid: revealing a secret to a non-confidential person.

Coup's prediction for Monday today

The best relationship today: this Monday, things will go very good for you if your partner is a water sign, especially Cancer or Pisces. It could be compatible with Taurus and Virgo.
The most time relationship: many tensions are not valued, but they avoid conflict with native Aries or Leo.
Current compatibility: in general, a well compatible wave, but better with signs of water and ground.
If you're single or single: there's a lovely atmosphere and a holiday in your environment, you will not be alone and for a long time.

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