Tuesday , January 26 2021

Scientists find a way to make coffee richer

Scientists have found a way to make coffee even richer and the key in the processes of fermentation of the grain; The longer the process, it's better to taste it.

This is due to the fact that leuconostoc (a genus of lactic acid bacteria) has decreased in the moist environment, which has reduced and increased lactobacilli that gives a protective effect during the fermentation.

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Coffee acidification in a fixed microbial environment prevents the development of undesirable microorganisms that are responsible for the undesirable flavors of coffee.

The research was conducted in Ecuador and the study was published in the Science News Photo magazine: Unsplash

He then saw the scientists that lactobacilli lactic acid in low amounts and a high concentration of lactobacilli affect coffee and taste. The research was conducted in Ecuador and the study in the Science News magazine was published by researcher Luc De Vuyst, the University of Brussels (VUB).

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