Thursday , January 21 2021

Saudi Arabia | Claudio Baeza: "Al Ahli's fans are similar to some Colo Colo"

The supporters of Al Ahli were shocked by the midfielder of Chile.

This Saturday, Claudio Baeza started her first as the commander at Al Ahli winning Al Batin's success in Saudi Arabia. After the game, Chile was happy. "I want to thank my fellow members, because they made me very well, I found a beautiful club in every way," said the midfielder.

"The alliance is not lost (they were seven points behind the leader), there are many games left, we're getting fast, this is my first competition and I & # 39 ; n happy i won " Baeza added.

Regarding the different designs used by trainer Pablo Guede throughout the game, Chile was clear. "The technician is working in the week and the player has changed to change the situation quickly, it is not complex", he noted

Finally, the old sub-20 words had been chosen for the supporters of Al Ahli. "It's a tremendous fan, I liked a lot, it looks like Colo Colo fans, because it's all of you urging", closed

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