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Sasha Sáez trusts UC and ensures "I do not think that Colo Colo will be lost to harm"


Argentina Assault Catholic University, The Sebastián Sáez, Advanced UC has the "final" before Deportes Temuco (Sunday, 17: · 30 hours, Germán Becker stadium in Temuco) where the cradle can get the 13th star in the Division's First National Championship.

The attacker, at a press conference, referred to the commitment in Temuco, where those led by Beñat San José need to draw at least one to shout a champion and raise the cup.

"We're silent, the key is to know how to treat anxiety and try not to think so much about the game. We have a lot of appetite and responsibility, this game is final so we play both, because here's the last thing that Temuco has left ", said the old Italian Audax.

He also noted that the Beñat team will have to be smart to play with the complexity of the Miguel Ponce squad, who need to win not to fall: "We will have to control according to what they will do, a little I'll sometimes behave"

On the other hand, the UC can shout a champion if Colo Colo stops U. de Concepción winning them in the Monumental, and while there are some voices that the albums can not, they do not play for free, Facilitate the task for Campanile to harm one of the classical opponents, he does not believe that.

"I do not think they're leaving themselves to get lost and hurt. Colo Colo is a great team, apart from, I do not see anyone who plays to lose a game, except in a local state. I do not think that they are going to do that. They are very respectful players and will go out and look for the victory as they always do, more ahead of their people"he said.

Finally, of the criticism that he had for his few goals in this semester, the transandine know "The object is requested and the goalkeeper will cover it. The attacker can not be criticized when he / she does not make a goal and there is not a dirty work. I was supported by my colleagues because they were aware of the work that I am doing"

"In terms of the goals, I'm not happy, but what I'll do for the team has mired me, and the training staff have told me", closed.

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