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Santiago Ponzinibbio: "The one who says that the UFC is not a sport, saying he's out of ignorance"


The best Argentina in UFC rejects those who criticize mixed martial arts Source: LA NACION – Credit: Aníbal Greco

You have to look at your ears

Santiago Ponzinibbio

I finally realized that the thing is serious, seriously. A fighter is on top, and those ears that are shaped by seamless speeds are part of the essence of mixed martial arts (MMA): it does not disappear from them. Ten number of welter world sites


, who led this Saturday for the first time, Ponzinibbio, 32, kicking boxing in La Plata, went through rugby and jumped to Brazil to perfect himself in MMA, heresies of the wild "vale tudo". Compared to that, the UFC is a moderate version, with much tougher rules and restrictions. However, the permanent statement that comes to Ponzinibbio is "this is not a sport". The fighter, who went through the Cylch Talks, was in

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It does not say: "The person who says that is saying out of ignorance." And the unbelievers challenged to see them on Saturday in Parque Roca in the cruel fight against the American Neil Magny.

– How did you start this?

– After my time with a crash, my interest was in the ticket. I joined a group of friends who fought at Cenard, jiu-jitsu and boxing. We trained as we could, looking for information. Very self-teaching, with bags we made, everything was extremely serious, to the lungs. I started to compete in everything, I started fighting and I won six fighting until I realized that this level was low, I reached my restriction. I am Brazil. I live in Miami today.

– How to explain to the people what is MMA?

-Boxio, kick boxing, thai thai. There are people who come from karate, from taekwondo, and you have the grip, where many shots of judo are used. There are also many people coming from the sambo, a Russian method. On the ground, the most effective is Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which is a Japanese adaptation. Today, many of the things are Olympic sport and we compete with former Olympic athletes. There is now a world champion who was a gold medal in the fight and is an UFC champion. I have fought with Olympic athletes, with Jiu Jitsu world people.

Mixed martial arts include a number of Olympic sports, but there is not a sports federation that brings them together. Is it more of that business?

-Fire federations are regulated in different countries, but we are still far from the Olympics, although I'm insisting that many disciplines are Olympic. But I can see our sport at the Games, because we combine a series of martial arts and we grow a lot. We are insulting in the US, we are selling just like American football, or NBA. And in Brazil, after football, MMAs come. In Europe there is a success, also in East Ger. A very nice event, very well done, is a very technical sport with great physical demand.

– Say it's a sport, but many people say no, they're killing themselves, what do you respond?

– How will sport not happen if most of the disciplines that include the MMA are Olympics? In addition, we talk about militaw sports. There is a super-tech sport, thinking needs to be prepared to know how to respond to pressure, adrenalin. Very extreme sports, high performance and the most difficult in the world.

– What do you need to do to resist all the shots you get, and also those who give you?

-We are years of training, we are athletes that are ready for that, we spend years and years preparing the body to receive and usually hit one becomes familiar. One evolves the technique, and for everything there is a technique, both to hit and to protect. There are new rules to protect the athletes' physical integrity, so that people see it as sport.

-But do you understand people who do not see it as sport?

– I understand that people are free to say what they want, but I understand that people can say that because of ignorance, because they do not know the technical level of sport and who do not know the human side of people. The myth is that those who come there are all mad and aggressive. The opposite. I am, for example, a very calm person, very hard, so there's a pretty strong assumption. Sport teaches, changes, transforms lives. There are many social projects in Brazil through the MMA and, in fact, in a country like Argentina, which is very striking, the best thing to do is to embrace the sport to start save those youths who do not have a good address.

– There are more and more MMA fans, UFC. Why do you think it grows so much, especially among young people?

– It's growing a lot because people are beginning to understand, to know, to know the fighter's human side, see the benefits of sport. If you make the amount of benefits to the sport and the cuts, I can assure you that the smallest is the smallest. And another thing: in high performance sports, whatever you're doing, your body is stressed, to call and to look for more time. Anyway, high performance sport is not healthy. In this regard the blowers are, and we are ready for that. When you're fighting, it's sometimes impressed because you see blood, and it's really very strong, but that's a week going away.

-Do you're improving? How long are you in pain?

– They are superficial, you're rarely breaking a bone, it can happen, as in any sport. In soccer, they can kick you and they can break you warmly and flashed. It's a sport and a point, a high performance sport and the body is presented to an exhibition that you have prepared for.

– You said that the MMA on TV looks very good, but that I live another story.

– When you watch it on TV, you like it, when you see it alive, you're getting mad. You see, you really feel the adrenaline, the screens, the fighters, the lights.

– Speaking about the show, what did you think of McGregor and Mayweather at the time?

-Gell, they promoted a fight that served to expand the sport. I believe that McGregor was the moral winner of that fight, because they were fighting under boxing rules. He managed to continue nine rounds for a fighter who is considered one of the best in history. I think that if Mayweather is going to fight MMA, he does not continue round.

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