Wednesday , September 28 2022

Samsung's Twitter account boasts the iPhone Galaxy Note 9 screen


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Show Android off an iPhone, something that becomes normal, as we start to lose a track of the cases. A few weeks later we told you the curiosity of the million-dollar lawsuit filed by Samsung against an influencer who broke the contract with a South Korean company that was seen on TV with an iPhone.

In this case, the situation is even more impressive, as it has been famous sent from iPhone the one who has betrayed to the official Samsung Mobile Nigeria account, using an iPhone to promote Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Loss of counting these cases

Samsung iPhone

Brownlee Marques, which many are considered to be the best YouTuber tech technology the world, and a public figure finder has a number of similar cases – such as the Gal Gadot using the iPhone to promote the Huawei Sea 10 – have returned with one of them. Samsung Mobile Nigeria account – with almost 300,000 followers – use an iPhone to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, leaving it clear via Twitter for iPhone at the bottom of the tweet. As expected, the message was very quickly removed, with the agreement of the Associations Manager and to publish. Marques was currently blocked after finding the ruling, something that had already happened to him with Gal Gadot, and did not delay him block as soon as he discovered that he was using an iPhone instead of Mate 10.

Despite the failure, Samsung's response was instant, eliminating the tweet refers to the load via iPhone.

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Curiosity is becoming normal, and there are a few instances that start to assume Android features of an iPhone. Gadot has not used the Huawei, an Indian actor who uses the iPhone instead of Pixel 2 XL, and now Samsung Nigeria is promoting Note 9 of a terminal with a apple on its back .

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