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Samsung will first be its first flexible cell phone in March 2019


This Wednesday is the Segment Technology, the specialist journalist, Hugo Morales, have introduced it New Day from CNN Chile, the latest developments and developments in this area.

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He said he was the Samsung Developers Conference where more than two thousand experts from all over the world met in San Francisco on November 7 and 8.

"At the Samsung 2018 Developer Conference, we talked about brand new features that they will not be in stores as they emphasize more towards the future. In particular things they refer to the ecosystem that supports the number of devices they are sell them, "Morales explained.

"Samsung's idea is that all of these products have been connected to the Internet by 2020," said the journalist.

Morales said there were new features of one of the virtual assistants Bixby, a virtual assistive system created by Samsung.

"It became a system of artificial intelligence that places the emphasis on co-ordination of multiple teams at home, office, public roads and even our vehicle," he explained.

Another brand innovation is the One UI, a new Samsung device interface for 2019.

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"In general, yes much lighter interface, with less valuable and more friendly content for the use of large screens with one hand. It also integrates multiple details that will improve the overall experience, "said Hugo Morales.

Another novelty Samsung that is launches a flexible phone in March 2019.

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"The screen, when used, will allow the user to interact between 3 applications at the same time: Samsung refers to it as a Retrospective Window," said the specialist journalist.

As well as talking about Samsung news, the communicator who is responsible for the Technology segment LG TV new, the Oled C8 and also perform an unboxing of Asus ZenBook Pro 15.

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