Friday , August 12 2022

Samsung Galaxy S10: arrival date in Chile and prices


Samsung has officially launched its new leading first semester phone: the Galaxy S10, the one that reaches four variations (S10e, The S10, The S10 + a S10 5G).

If his predecessor, the S9, had had minor changes, it seems that this meant that the element in the family had a different screen to his / her variety and his / her competition, maintain a body of metal and glass.

The S10 continues with the AMOLED but this time with the prefix AMOLED Dynamics. As promised, it gives more brightness, greater contrast and warmth of colors, something that appears to be the fastest.

That is another notable change the string reaches, but there is one special with a hole shape where the front camera has locked. This increases the size in the S10 +, with two cameras (and there are reasons we have below).

In short, there is a 19: 9 QHD + screen with Gorilla Glass 6. The S10 has a 6.1 inch screen, while the S10 + version increases to 6.4.

With the latest version of Android 9 along with the Samsung UnUI layer, the team is powered by its own processor, the Exynos 9820 or 8 nanometer and one 8 GB base ram up to 12 GB in its higher version.

Samsung bet on the picture and that's why he has set up three different lenses for the main camera: the first of 16 megapixel with a higher attitude and breath f / 2.2, the second of 12 megapixel and aperture f / 1.5-2.4 as well as Dual Pixel, and a third of 12 megapixel f / 2.4 with OIS Zoom.

In terms of the front camera, it has a 10 megapixel lens along with dual Pixel technology and open f / 1.9. Meanwhile, la version plus adds another 8 megapixel lens with f / 2.2 and for the first time with a 4K recording.

The battery also has an update, with 3,400 mAh per S10 a Version 4.100 mAh S10 +. Of course, both share a quick payment that has already been set up but this time with an inverse pay, which can be done with phones, watches and hearing aids.

Other additions are the ultrasonic fingerprint reader on the screen, which is scanned by faster and more accurately and safely. They are also loaded with technology Wi-Fi 6 He promises links in places of many people.

Likewise, and to much joy, Samsung is still betting on the audio support input with a 3.5mm jack, you do not need to have Bluetooth headphones.

Attainment of Samsung S10 to Chile

The Samsung S10 is officially going on the market on March 8 and in previous days, Entel and Movistar will have a presumption of the team. Also, the companies have confirmed the advent of the three versions.

Javier Valenzuela, finalist Movistar Chile, "customers" Movistar One "will be ready to upgrade these new devices, which can be purchased with $ 0 foot and fees of $ 20,000 by providing their previous equipment."

"Customers who purchase the equipment on the first day of the assumption will receive the pre-official launch in Chile," he added.

So much of it Access They said that pre-sale will be implemented "at the beginning of March, where a set of multimedia accessories will be offered as a gift only".

In the meantime, Claro Chile has said that the pre-sale on its website will start on February 27, while the Arrival is planned for March 14 "date our clients can be procured with an attractive offer through the Claro up program".

The pre-paid model reference prices are in its 128 GB version:

  • $ 899,990 for the Galaxy S10 +
  • $ 799,990 for the Galaxy S10
  • $ 679,990 for the Galaxy S10e

In the meantime, the import shop have announced they have already assumed on their website, with the first models arriving in the first week of March.

In terms of the values ​​for your model released 64 GB These are:

  • 559,990 for the Galaxy S10e
  • 659,990 for the Galaxy S10
  • 729,990 for the Galaxy S10

On the other hand, also operates the assumption, with values ​​ranging from 599,000 for its S10e, to 799,990 model for the S10 Plus.

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