Tuesday , November 24 2020

Samsung closes one of its mobile factories in China

China's issue against the world is giving a new priority, and whether Samsung De Korea has closed one of the most important mobile factories in that country.

According to Reuters, the actions of this plant have given the best to give strong competition to those who are conflicts in that market, where it is practically impossible to keep up.

Samsung's mobile area has been on the decline in China for a considerable amount of time, despite showing positive symptoms in other regions and positioning itself as the same number worldwide.

From the company please state:

As part of our continuing efforts to maximize the efficiency of our production sites, Samsung Electronics has taken the complex decision to optimize the Samsung Samsung Telecommunications operations.

There are 2,600 employees that Samsung, promises, will not attempt to relocate to other areas or factories of the company after their work is required at the end of the year. They will also be compensated properly and there will be opportunities to continue elsewhere, they say.

As for other Samsung factories in that country, such as Huizhou in the south, it will continue to act as a rule, although the feeling of instability is obvious.

According to market analysts specializing in the issue, the Chinese workforce is very expensive compared to Vietnam or India, so it's not worth keeping it with Market shares that Samsung has in that country.

The Tianjin factory produced 36 million mobile phones per annum. Those of Vietnam, with each other, make 72 million units at a much lower price.

Maybe the start is to remove Samsung's mobile phones back in China.

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