Sunday , June 26 2022

Ryan Reynolds had a fun joke. Look at the pictures


In recent years, Ryan Reynolds has become a comedy guru. Is that the 42-year-old man born in Canada not only a famous actor, owns great talent and in the extreme face that made him the most sexy male title of 2010, but also a great comedian.

There are arguments to stand out like a very good comic, there are many. The most recent ones refer us to both foot supply and all rounds and promotion trips. It's not only behind the big screen, the actor shows his facility to make people laugh, but he moves his humor to every aspect of his life.

For example, we have seen a large number of jobs on Instagram and Twitter where spending spending on family and friends. One of the favorite targets, without doubt is his wife, Blake Lively. Anniversaries, movie premieres and personal events are a perfect excuse to fake your mother's mother.

Of course, receivers are a lot of jokes. However, one of the favorites is the public Hugh Jackman. The two stars are what Americans call a potato: close friendship, intense and sexually unrelated relationship, says Wikipedia. So, the actor who gave life to the famous Wolverine Here's the target of stunning jokes. However, the story changed last night.

As Reynolds announced in his Instagram account, Jackman invited him to a party but the information he gave him was not correct. Yes, with each other Jake Gyllenhaal They told him he was a sugar party. However, Reynolds was the only one who respected the fake slogan, which was portrayed in two pictures. Therefore, the charismatic is seen facing ridicule and a ridiculous coat, while his two friends laugh at him.

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