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Ryan Reynolds gives a support to a fan who hung the Avengers page: Endgame – Tomatazos


Jo, jo, jo, there's a Christmas time and with her the gift arrives. But can you imagine it, rather than Santa Clai, which is worn in red visits with you? That's exactly what happened to a Deadpool fan – 84% when Ryan Reynolds, the star actor of the most fraudulent Marvel character, sent him a big thank you for a job, not so incredible, but was trying to help Once Deadlock, the latest installment in the series.

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Hacker was awarded by Ryan Reyolds this weekend, after hacking the Avengers page: Endgame, by redirecting it to site on He was once in Deadpool, has helped with promoting the movie. The expert split a tweet romance where he assumed that the Canadian actor had sent him a silver suit with a set of headphones who rewarded the match against his Marvel competitors.

I got a pack from Ryan Reynolds. Wow, this thing is lovely … and I will change it without thinking twice about the Avengers' performance: Endgame. Does anyone want it?

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Once Deadpool re-released Deadpool 2 basically – 85% but without the scenes that make it an adult movie. This clip of the movie is an experiment of the study to prove if people would be willing to see the character even if he did not have what he made it be cool from a fresh air to the judges when it was debated in 2016. Disney did for Fox's purchase.

The film lasted the last weekend in the US that won $ 2 million, which does not seem too bad to re-release an anticipated film this year, although it has added a few new sequences. Not to mention that part of the film's earnings was a base dedicated to fighting cancer, a condition the character suffers in its supplies.

As well as the headphones, the pack included a jar of kin, but the best thing about this event might be that the author of the piece has responded ironically by asking for tickets to the dominance of the same movie. You've been attacking its website. Even the worst deadpool fan wants to know what happened to the Avengers after the Thanos crack. I hope that thanks do not make Disney operators angry.

Could that be He was once in Deadpool Ryan Reynolds can get a place with the rest of the Marvel characters? The tape, despite having Christmas colors, will start in Mexico until January, so we'll have to wait. For now, you know what you need to do to fall in love with your composer, although we do not recommend it, everyone knows they are the only deadest individuals Deadpool is Marvel's publishers.

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