Thursday , August 18 2022

Rumor: Pasi Game would be a Microsoft service in Switch


Ori at Switch Atomix

Supports the rumors that emerged yesterday and that has been echoing for several weeks, the "great collaboration" between Microsoft a Nintendo It's compiled to be more than we've initially imagined. According to new rumors, it would be a service Pass Game what's coming to Change, including important titles Xbox One.

With service Pass Game, you could download the vast growing catalog of games that are available from Xbox One a Xbox 360 i & r consol Change. It is not certain that all the games would be just available, but they can be the most popular ports. You must remember, that the consol Nintendo It has technical features that would make it difficult to play some titles with the same quality available in the console. Microsoft.

It is also noted that titles may be available which are currently being developed by the recent studies of the company, such as Obsidian a Theory Ninja. But the game that has been mentioned is most (and that would make a lot of sense to get in the hybrid console). Ori and the Will of the Choice. A platform that would be perfect to take anywhere. Or what do you think? Cuphead?

That does not mean that Microsoft give the best to the hardware business, which is also surprised to present not one, but two consoles during E3 2019.

How will it all end? How much of it is real? If so, what games would be the ideal for the service in it Change?

Through: GameInformer

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