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Review of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 [FW Labs]

Methods to solve future problems.

Here is the theme, the cottage or leaf exists and is a moving trend that grows and grows. Meanwhile, Xiaomi launches Mi Mix 3 with another type of answer that comes from the past but in a fairly intelligent way with a slider design.

After reviewing the three versions before (remember that 2S was) my expectations were very high, because despite a number of commitments, there were attitudes that were spectacular and made it too unique. Before we go with the technical specifications:

xiaomi my mix 3

  • OLED 6.39-inch screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 845
  • 8 GB or RAM
  • 128 GB or storage
  • Camera 12 + 12 megapixel
  • Front camera 24 + 2 megapixel with flash
  • Battery 3200 mAh

It should be remembered that there is no form of certification against water and dust due to the special nature of its design. There is no hearing port. Eye, in the box, is included as well as cable, USB-C and housing converter, wireless charger. Unexpected details


The best thing about a cellphone Mixed series cell is that it will never be unfavorable for people. Here we have a team with a ceramic back, which costs much more than glass scratches and sliding screen to show the front cameras. Everything is a screen and it always feels great.

xiaomi my mix 3

In previous years, the team had golden accents at the edge of the cameras and fingerprint reader, this year they have left the same side that I loved. It's a taste at the end.

Eye, which is very heavy equipment, where even my Note 9 I thought was the last brick was similar, all in a smaller body. It is also thick, but it was obvious from the slider system. On the other hand, for its materials, finishing and weighting it's a good premium. It has a wide range of water and dune. Sure and very good. It's great not to have a square, but at the moment it's not funing me in other teams any longer. Anyway, make sure they take a risk, that's why I've always liked this series of Xiaomi.

xiaomi my mix 3

The screen has a correct color reproduction and a brightness that is convenient to use comfortably in the open. Unfortunately, at times and because of his design, I felt we could sink when I was writing hard. It's not really very serious but they're very small, like the soundtrack that's pretty good, but only one and with the classical location, below.

xiaomi my mix 3

By the way, there is a slippery computer to die, be careful and use the enclosed enclosure. It's pretty pretty and delicate.

I used the slider more for the nice gesture, which has a small selection of sounds to select, as well as power, to suit the user, open the front camera, launch a specific application, display a menu from tool (the most useful to my favorite) or do nothing.


Do not expect something that is flawed to a terminal with this processor and this amount of RAM. We could already predict that it would be good and could be done with everything, including games and heavy use. We were not wrong.

xiaomi my mix 3

When the debit is on autonomy, where today's standards are at least 3200 mAh today and at least 20% of the service came to the house for 7 yp. In the end there was just over 5 hours of screen before going black. Just about what he used to do with Xiaomi. At least the load, when it has wires, is very fast.

Regarding the operating system, it's appreciated that it's Android Pie, the latest version, but the layer of Xiaomi, MIUI has some factors that my back is unbearable, like not having drawer applications and only the ability of 4 icon lines and nothing more The day I had to put another launcher and so it was not as far as possible to use the Pocophone F1, which was perfect and maintained the aesthetic.

xiaomi my mix 3

In my unit, I had a problem with the WhatsApp and Telegram notices, which simply refused to appear despite the following all tutorials on the web. I realized that I was not alone when doing a small Google search. It ended up solving it with APK Re-redirect of external call notification. Yes, first of all, I got rid of the cell phone and got the same problem. Other colleagues said that everything was fine, so I probably had a great luck. In any case, the brand was mentioned and they promise that this will not happen in the equipment that is sold in the retail and operators.

xiaomi my mix 3


In my experience, the brands of this brand have never stood out for their cameras, but they take a step further and stand up to the competition.

Photos are not as good as main competitors, but it's a good place where most people will find it very well.

By the way, it's a great night to stop many pictures under this situation, causing the lights to lower down and give an attitude, despite being a little covered, make the pictures & More useful.

The inclusion of artificial intelligence for recognition of scenes works and adapts parameters effectively to get a better picture. Essential? No, but it's really helpful and not very aggressive.

In the section of self-media is very strong and the cut that can be done is portrayed very well. In addition, previous flash content will be a pleasure for those who like to take pictures in the dark.

Xiaomi My Mix 3

Who is Mi Mix 3 for?

This is a connoisseurs team, for those who really appreciate interesting design and slider, I've even used it even hysterically and I was know it was not going to break, because they testify that their system is based on magnets making This mobile part is very durable. As you can see, the rest of the terminal screen has partially segregated. It's curious, but it's working:

xiaomi my mix 3

It's also for those who want an excellent team at a price that's very low for what it is: Price to confirm close to CLP $ 390,000 in Chile, with Movistar also available, which is a huge shot.

There is a cell phone that takes all the risks and I love it, because in a sea of ​​similar devices, something like this feels like a fresh air.

The overseas offer is offered around 650 euros, in Mexico, MXN $ 10,999 assumes.

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