Monday , January 25 2021

Reginato mayor for a possible mistake when calculating urban deficit: "The truth takes, but arrives" | National

Mayor of Viña del Mar, Virginia Reginato, said that "the truth takes, but arrives" and that "the house is orderly", and after that the Manager's potential error is revealed when calculating the urban deficit.

A report by La Tercera showed different criteria in his audits, as the formula used in the case of the city garden it would not have included the “accrued income” for calculating the urban deficit, producing a figure of more than 17,500 million pesos.

The supervisory body's regional auditor would not have considered the matter initial cash balance, so the A deficit figure could fall significantly, reaching just over 2 billion pesos. According to Viña del Mar, the debt was until December 2018 approximately 4 billion, a figure that would be paid with the civic budget of this semester.

The Mayor Reginato said that this case shows that, as they cannot get it by choice, they have to choose another strategy, also referring to an appeal for giving the best of the duties put forward by four councilors from the city trying to dismiss him.

In November 2017, there were 17 million, in December 2018 they were 4,100 million and I also said that in semester 2019 it will be zero and that the funding will be strengthened in the borough. I always said that this was political, because they cannot leave me out by vote, through elections, they wanted to make me out of another way.

– Virginia Reginato, mayor Viña del Mar

Councilor Marcela Varas said the village head was “realizing reality”, saying “I see from a distance how the mayor is treating a speech, including reality to make it more satisfying). To my presentation, because (…) what the first thing is to say is that the debt has to be settled, but then it's moderated and now it is; n say it will do in the first semester. "

When the Manager's Office provides the 17,500 million I did not hear the mayor saying that that was not right"He added.

The mayor Laura Gianici, who expects the Regional Electoral Tribunal (TER) to resolve the case objectively, argued "I would like the TER to decide, that I hope the rest of humanity will they remain silent so they decide, with the greatest hope of objectivity, hoping without the pressure of the authorities. "

During this day, Virginia Reginato will meet her solicitor to refine the final details and This week will present his disclaimers to the appeal against him wanting to do the best for duties.

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