Sunday , October 2 2022

Reggie believes that the Game Awards are an opportunity to honor the past, present and future of the industry –


Through Nintendo It has not been very present at the latest videogame events, this does not mean that the company does not intend to celebrate with the community what is important to the experience creators.

As noted by the Variety media, for president Nintendo or America, The Reggie Fils-Aime, the annual awards ceremony known as Game Awards "is a global opportunity to honor the past, present and future of our industry and the unique medium we use to tell stories".

Regardless of the number of games that are and Great N He expects to present at the celebration, the manager has striven with latest releases to show that Nintendo is still committed to the industry, and thinking about its projects that are I came to assess what was important to the history of video games in the past.

Reggie has already confirmed that the company will "do something special" in the 2019 Game Awards, taking place this 7th of December from 2:30 AM (Hispanic peninsula time) and as always, we will bring you all the news related to Nintendo and its history.


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