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"Reggaeton is not Balvin or Maluma, it's coming from Africa and it's great"


At the end of the battles, it has broken down, giving urban and reggaetone the best of all in advance. He began to be disadvantaged in the Grammy Ladin favorites, in a prudent distance of the eight nominations of the J Balvin Colombia and five of Spain's Rosalía, a new Ibero-American music phenomenon, but Jorge Drexler was the last to complete the scream of purple for what was achieved. His victory – all three golden gramophones, including the Record of the year through Telephony – are worth Mass. It recognizes and opens even more the doors to embed music, to organic talent, maybe after years of interchange of rap rap in Spanish and perreo in all of its variations.

The success of Uruguay, though unexpectedly, is not the result of any accident. After the melody and the comedy that characterize it is a lot of work. Drexler is a student of the genre, the language, a culture attempt. And from there, his idea is to connect and disappear, exploit the unexpected archives of his Native Latin America.

Nothing Drexler says irrelevant. Awards are cascading of simple ideas that form a complex network. And now he has won a great, brilliant one of one of the great platforms of Latin music, he's good to listen and his speech does not fall on deaf ears.

"We have a treasure, it does not use it as a waste," it's analyzed in the prizes of the awards, in a room next to the Grand MGM Arena Art platform in Las Vegas. "Let's go to the library, travel, get to know the continent. The song has given me many presents, but the Latin American is the biggest, the home feeling in Temuco, Chile, and in Badajoz, communicates in Portuguese, Spanish. "

Drexler speaks of inclusion, after being set into antipodies and conflicts. This obvious battle of musical classes, between the singer and reggaetón and the urban, does not appear to accompany him. "I do not have enemies in the world of music." My enemies are the bigots, the manufacturers of anti-personnel mines, "he said before pulling out his classic string of good energy. "Long live reggaetón, cumbia, Pessoa, Borges, Carmen Miranda … let's enjoy what we have. We've just started to realize. Latin America has a very promising future."

Reggaeton, in fact? "But of course, our rhythmic pattern, not by J Balvin, or from Maluma, is a rhythm of Africa, from the north, and it's great. If we do not like some kind From a song, we write better songs, but we will not blame the genres. Let's open our arms, that the world is already split as pretty. "Philosophy with jet, with ease non-power. Always with anxiety and surprise, it's clear. It does not stop being in a world marked by commercial music. So many singer-composers have broken such a blat into another type of genre party in an inconsistency. "It's a great surprise because this is the most artistic and experimental album I've ever done," he said in a separate conversation with La Tercera. "Everything was done with a guitar, it's a fractal tribute to the guitar, to search infinite in one instrument and I had never had five Grammys! I always think they've made a mistake , that they will realize that and they will make me up. Secrets of the industry are unstable, they are as the Lord's designs. "

He can see it, in any case, as a fake issue. "The awards are extremely subjective. The human race is a subjective species. Let's make music for very genuine reasons."

Reasons that led to leaving his native Montevideo to explore the Iberian worlds, where he now lives. Joaquín Sabina had "found" him in Uruguay and suggested he went to Spain to showcase his talent. "When Sabina told me to write in a tenth, I had no idea, I studied medicine, I do not have literary training, but I'm going to study, to go into books."

His father was always eager for him to be a firstborn doctor, a family dedicated to medication. The music provoked more. "I did not like dad as a doctor, but I failed to try to be happy, trying to pursue the dream I got. You never know what your dream is until you touch it, literally. "

He emigrated and always remembered. Motion, one of the songs from last album, Lifesaves Ice, is a tribute to those ambitions. "I am an emigrant. I left Uruguay following a dream, living in Spain. My son is an immigrant. My father is an immigrant … Who is not an immigrant? We are all part of a whole. … I'm sure there's only one caravan that can go hard to the United States. Our species does not just migration for a better future. It's never a banana or light act. Thinking that history is a newsletter, it is the ones who ask for tomorrow's asylum and those who give it. Better that we learn it faster rather than later. " Word Drexler.

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