Saturday , November 28 2020

Recommendations to avoid accidents during the Christmas season

Mexico (Notimex) .- Y accidents at home increases 10% during the holiday season, while 60% of errors during this term are related to eat alcohol

Cold weather in winter

In a statement, Gustavo Domínguez, a specialist in critical medicine at the DioMed Hospital, said it was common for people to get cold, flu and others during the winter season respiratory diseases

It is recommended to drink enough fluids and use fruits with vitamin C such as orange, tangerin or guava to prevent respiratory diseases.

Watch for electricity

Domestic accidents are mainly due to the electrical overload for Christmas lights or other factors that may occur as a fall when installing home decorations.

As well as overloading the electricity of the Christmas or Email burn rockettes, can cause incineration in humans, mainly in children who have pyrotechnic fires illuminated.

They recommend checking that electrical installations work properly, avoid using multi-links, use good quality Christmas lights and before you sleep, check that everything is unattended.

Stomach problems

Stomach problems often occur because how much food has been eaten, which is often excessive. There may be gastritis and dehydration episodes of heartburn, diarrhea or alcohol.

It is recommended to avoid inflammatory or high fat foods and use small pieces

Car accidents

In the area of ​​accidents, automobiles are the ones that increase most during this season. The use of alcoholic beverages, tiredness, as well as increased road traffic vehicles, causes shocks or looks.

They recommend not driving if you drink alcohol or feel tired.

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