Tuesday , January 19 2021

Reactions & operators against new access tariffs

The Government has today announced the new rates for mobile access payments, and these main players are operators, who will have the responsibility to meet these new prices. and translate into cost reductions for their users.

Operators, Entel, Claro, WOM and VTR referred to the issue, and here we did not collect all your prints.


Entel says that they have not been formally notified on this issue, however, support the Government's decision:

"In response to the public information provided by the authority, Entel expresses its willingness to apply the new rate values ​​communicated as soon as possible, with the understanding that this will be A basic benefit that makes a call from a landline to a mobile phone "

However, they say that WOM or VTR would not be ready to apply these new charges:

"However, the above, and according to information published in the media, this would not be possible given that two market players (VTR and WOM) would not be available for application now."


O Claro, they confirm the following:

"The reduction in access payments announced today by Division is in line with the technical analysis and proposal submitted by Claro Chile. In that sense, Very good news not only for day-to-day day-to-day market-makers, but also to millions of mobile phone users in the country, and thanks to the greatest competitiveness of the This reduction will produce it, it will be of benefit. "


WOM's Director of Regulation and Corporate Affairs, Felipe Simonsohn, states the following:

"Since we arrived in the country, we have maintained a strong commitment to establishing fair prices not only for our customers, but to all Chileans. That is why we appreciate the Sub-Deel decision to reduce the Access Charges for the 5 next year in the country, as in addition to restoring our initial bid and encouraging the development of services in an efficient and competitive market, this will translate into better and better competition in the market, which is beneficial to all mobile users in the country. "


Finally, the Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs VTR, Miguel Oyonarte, supports the new prices that mobile access payments will receive:

"We recognize this historic downturn in the mobile market, and we appreciate this categorical sign from the authority in the right line of eliminating mobile market gestures and encouraging more competition among actors. convinced that there is an efficient free entry fee and only benefits consumers with lower prices, as it allows a more competitive market. We believe that this is the right way to continue to level the field of play in the industry . "



Movistar also joins the statements for the new rates, through the company's Director of Strategy, Regulation and Public Affairs by Fernando Saiz:

"As part of our commitment to clear and transparent rates for all our customers, we repeat our willingness to apply immediately, and voluntarily, the entry fee set by a Division. to the extent that all companies in the mobile industry will join this application, avoiding uncertainty to all fixed-line mobile phone customers. Since last January , January 26, these customers do not know how much they will be charged for this step, which is dependent on the destination company, an unexpected situation since the beginning & # 39 ; the Pays Calls Party 20 years ago.

Like Entel, they're calling attention to WOM and VTR:

"At the same time, we join the authority's call and invite those companies that use other operator networks to handle their voice traffic, such as VTR and WOM, and during this process they have offered to reduce the mobile access costs to even levels of up to $ 0, to get the same disposition to make this instant rate discount for customers. "

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