Tuesday , August 9 2022

Raquel Argandoña broke without a shot in Mario Mauriziano after discovering the infidelity of his former with Berizzo


They continue to complete all after the interview they gave Mario Mauriziano to Paraguay medium, where he told them for unprecedented details about the love trio that lived with former wife and Eduardo Berizzo.

Now, She was Raquel Argandoña who had the voice and was not rubbed back to the sports journalist. In fact, he wondered without disagreement with his comments in the "Welcome."

"I'll know this version for a long time. I'll know the case. I'm not saying a lot because the children in question, but Mario Mauriziano, are very expensive. The truth is that he has cheated his ex-wife several times, several times. Even the pre-wife's family covered many things not to destroy this family, "he signaled on Channel 13.

And about it, he added the "Quintrala" that "When a man cheats his wife so much, women are happy when he comes to the other party. We made women who knew this story say: Well, good, you deserve it! And you know that many times I can not go into the stadium because they're shouting venao, venao. "

Raquel Mauriziano also ordered to remain calm instead of ventilation and this kind of situation. "I do not understand why he comes up and tells this story when his mouth should be closed, because everything that has happened to him deserves it, and with revenge. By telling this story again, it puts me impoverished that he has not been able to forget his ex-mistress. "

However, the panellist "Welcome" left the most acid for the end. "You're very small, because you have children. They go to school, they have fellow pupils. What was your idea of ​​talking about this and doing it in public? It shows that you have not yet been transmitted. You late have no morality to criticize the action of your former mistress, because you hurt what you did a lot of times, "he said.

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