Tuesday , August 16 2022

Puntoticket responded to allegations of fraud by Backstreet Boys supporters


Facebook fans group Backstreet Boys, who claims to have been scammed by puntoticket, when trying to buy tickets to see the bandband in the Viña del Mar Festival, Next February 28.

Failures in transactions that were also deducted from their accounts, late afternoon confirmations or even arriving and even tickets allocated for different days to those requested were some of the drawbacks.

The supporters have a form with the effective claims submitted to the Sernac. So far they go on 89 complaints, with the equivalent Almost 8 million 300 pesos invested in failed purchases.

Meanwhile, the supervisory entity oversees Puntoticket Mercher and Claro about the problems when selling tickets to Viña.

O Puntoticket They deny everything. In a statement, they defended its "straightness and highest service standards", making our website at the time of sale " more than 48,000 people were trying to buy, and there was only a availability of around 14,000 tickets as organized by the Festival organization. "

"So naturally many people failed to buy tickets for the event, because they sold out quickly, "they added.

Also, On the claim for tickets for a date other than the one selected "deny critically such facts, as well as to deny anything that may be constitutional of fraud within the purchase process or any kind of breach of the terms and conditions of purchase of tickets and legal norms relevant ".

Oh she ran, Claro Chile He said "unfortunately the inconvenience that some of the clients have suffered due to the prescription of tickets for the Viña del Mar Festival".

Along with this, they disagree themselves from responsibilities, since the telecommunications companies "only issued promotional codes to access the pre-sale. The process – sales management and allocation of days – was completely responsible for the company responsible for selling tickets"

Beyond these unstoppable problems, Backstreet Boys It will also be presented at Viña 2019, next Thursday February 28.

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