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After death Leonardo San Martin, many think what's coming next Hidden bugs. Is the telescope from Mega He has many stories to continue to develop and there is a lot of truth to disclose within his or her plot and in relation to his characters.

Here, we highlight 5 large secrets that should be disclosed in them Hidden bugs.

1. Many of the characters must know where Tomasito is, that is, the child has not died, he was not dead in the love of Leonardo's car and that Eliana was behind him .

2. Tomás should know that the son of Rocio expects him to be.

3. Roxana will have to come to the truth of his origin: Raquel and Samuel are his parents.

4. Samuel does not yet find that Gonzalo, the girlfriend of Javiera's daughter, is a transporter of HIV.

5. Rocio should know the actual health condition of her husband in the future, that is, Rafael suffers from ELA.

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