Monday , March 1 2021

Public unemployment and public sector continues after a meeting with no National Finance and Labor ministers

Without new proposals regarding the percentage of pay reform and with the absence of sectoral ministers, Finance and Labor, the eighth meeting between the Government and the employees created in the 15 public sector unions was developed. Y Parlysis continues in the public divisions of the country, who will be attending this Wednesday for the third consecutive day through ethical shifts.

For the third consecutive day workers unemployed in the public sector are extending since then Discussions about the salary reform figure that they are holding with the Government remain wild, before the absence of the Finance and Labor Ministers to the eighth meeting scheduled for Tuesday.

He probably does not have the ability to solve figures and that's why it's not important if he goes there or not

– Barbara Figueroa, president of the CUT, for the lack of Labor Minister

The Secretary of State's small participation continues to delay the negotiations, which the officers noted, and there were no economic proposals around the figure, so the figures remained unchanged.

Y employees offer 6% nominal, while the Government offers 3.1%, which equates to 0.2% real, reducing the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Of course, day-to-day work improvements that have to be stamped in an internal protocol were dealt with, subject to the possible agreement being obtained.

Minister Felipe Larrane excused herself from attending the meeting because extensive processing of the draft Budget in Congress, that did not happen in the case of the Minister Nicolás Monckeberg, creating criticism by the president of Central Unit of Workers (CUT), Barbara Figueroa.

"It's similar he does not have the ability to solve on figures which is why it does not matter if a minister is going to be or will not be able to solve it. The important thing is that if they did not take part, it would be due to force majeure, "said Figueroa.

Ramón Chanqueo, president of the National Confederation of Chile's Municipal Officers, alleged that the Government does not have a spirit to cooperate in the debate.

President of the School of Teachers, Mario Aguilar, said the authorities were holding a delayed movement, and he warned that he created a situation of conflict.

Prior to the meeting, Finance Minister Felipe Larrane had confirmed before discussing the adjustment figure They plan to move on in other sector subjects.

Confederation of Municipal Health Officers, Gabriela Flores, made a positive assessment of movements on Tuesday, calculating 90% of his sector's transport.

The parties will meet again at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday in the Ministry of Finance, while employees will continue to be respected at a national level and call for a flag in the Plaza de la Constitución at 10:30 a.m.

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