Thursday , May 19 2022

Public sector stopping continues: a board accuses the government of refusing to introduce a new conversion figure | National


After 10 pm on Monday, the National Association of Tax Workers Association (ANEF), Carlos Insunza, announced that public unemployment and public sector continue after the failure of negotiations with the Government.

In that line, the leader accused that the Executive, who attended the meeting represented by the Ministry of Finance and Labor, refuse to introduce a new adjustment figure, although they have come to the appointment with lower than previous ones: 6% by the high sources of Radio Bío Bío.

"Not only is it rejected, but the Government has raised the refusal to move forward in economic aspects," said Insunza in conversation with La Radio, criticizing that he held 3.1% of previous meetings.

He also announced that the meeting scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Tuesday had been suspended as the Finance and Labor titles, Felipe Larraín and Nicolás Monckeberg, had to travel to Valparaíso as part of the 2019 Budget process.

After returning to Santiago, however, both secretaries have to meet again with the representatives.

According to the above, Insunza told the press that he will, at noon banderazo y y Plaza de la Constitución.

By means of a statement, from the Treasury they assured that "both authorities had done a call to continue with the dialogue When trying to identify as soon as possible, a protocol of agreement regarding the salary reform of that year after one year will be discussed on this date ".

"We continue to move forward in this negotiation process with the best of disposals. We make a call to hold the dialogue, currently the movements are not in the way," said Larra letter.

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