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Protest at Carabineros School: Interpretation of the Orchestra "Arauco is a pity" during the function

At the end of a concert with Gaetano Donizetti's music, the University of Chile Student Orchestre played the theme of Violeta Parra as a protest for the death of Camilo Catrillanca.

It took place last Tuesday, at a Chilean Carabineros School located in Providencia. At the end of the opera interpretation Elixir love, from Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti, the University of Chile Student Student Orchestra instructed his director, Professor Eduardo Browne: "This is not a scenario to make politics".

"Just because we are artists we have to express ourselves," said cellist Marcelo Mella, who took part in the group's protest.

"It was a step to do something peaceful and sensible," he added.

The interpreter student says that the orchestra agrees to play "Arauco is a pity" after the presentation was finished, during the final function, but that his director did not agree .

"Even the chorus, behind the curtains, was under threat not to participate."

"The brave thing was that he was playing at the Carabineros Chile Theater, within the same Carabineros School. I'm really proud of the powerful and powerful act of a great milestone!" Mella said.

In the registry from almost two minutes published by the FECh, you can see the musicians following the melody of Violeta Parra without his orchestra leader.

According to Mella: "When the concert ends and we agree to make the song, there is a discussion with the director that makes everything impressive for the people. He told us that we had finishing, we could no longer play ".

Then he continues: "Despite behind the curtains, there was discussion with someone in the carabinero, finally, as all the people started to record and symbolic the moment, the audience approved. , the time and the place to say something. "

"Many changes or historical processes have started through art. And we hope this is one," he added.

* Photos: Matías Martínez R.

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