Friday , December 4 2020

Prosecutor: A young woman in Chiguayante disappeared to endeavor at Bío Bio after drinking alcohol | National

The prosecutor responsible for the removal case Helena Villegas Suazo, 22, confirmed this morning that the young We have tried to relax in the Bío Bío River after drinking alcohol.

According to prosecutor José Orella, he all started last Wednesday, when she, along with three other friends, went to the Estación de Concepción neighborhood, where they were drinking until 11pm.

After that, they went to Porvenir street in Chiguayante, a place wherever possible due to the lack of light and difficult access- they fall into the river.

GOPE staff during the search work used this morning Pedro Cid (RBB)
GOPE staff during the search work used this morning Pedro Cid (RBB)

According to the prosecutor, in the place we found a bottle of pisco, which makes us suspect that alcohol consumption continues on the banks of Bío Bío.

In that context, Helena took her clothes and tried to bathe, however, the fast was dragging it fast. The friends tried to save her, but they did not succeed, the prosecutor said.

He also explained that the mother of one of the friends of the girl – who reported what happened, after she noticed that her daughter was "odd" I would have noted that there is also drug use that is good.

This would be about this second case from disappearing in the Great Conception. Recall that that was the first Tamara Zurita, a 21-year-old daughter who disappeared at Río Bordo Park in Chiguayante two and a half months ago.

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