Wednesday , September 28 2022

Progress notices study of anxiety raising of people with colorectal cancer in Chile


Over 28,000 Chileineans will die from cancer during 2018 a 50,000 will be diagnosed with this badly, as part of the disclosure estimates revealed by the Globocan database.

According to this information, the cancers are responsible for the highest number of deaths in the country at present stomach cancer (3,250 people in 2016), colorectal cancer (2,362) and lungs and bronze (3.162).

More information: The Minister for Health on the National Cancer Plan: "It is about training more than 130 new experts in 4 years"

This data reaches alongside the publication of the National Cancer Plan Government, A project that aims to set this pathology as a priority health problem, to reduce its causes, morbidity and deaths associated with malign tumors.

On this issue, Dr. Luis Alvarado, a hematologist and oncologist Vespucio Clinic, is the importance of facing cancer as a disease that has to be treated as a public health problem, "Because it is facing the patient, the family and the community."

"The best care in medicine does not necessarily heal. We must understand that our essential objective is to achieve a better quality of life, "adds professional.

Alvarado also highlights the importance of treating breast cancer, which is in young women "It's a lot more aggressive than in the menopause period", and according to Globocan figures, it's causing anxious progress in our country.

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