Wednesday , November 25 2020

prints with gaming experience

With Chlash Royale completing a stadium and much of the attention of Supercell, focusing on continuing to take advantage of his fingerprint, many of us were already afraid of the worst when the company said he had an announcement to do the Brawl Stars. Due to the inaccuracies of the message, more than one said they would continue to shelf the project, but what happened was exactly the opposite.

Brawl Stars he reached his expected global relief a few days ago, and with her, it became the final version of this brawler shooter inspired by the PC MOBA, but with a playful left who promised to give life to a new genre with everything he needed to leave behind foot

The supercell brawler shooter

It is not possible to argue that the footprint mentioned is really there, and without doubt that that is fun. With three virtual fittings that we can move, shoot in any direction and do the same as a special assault when we have loaded the harmful objectors based, everything that is necessary to create a game of shots is so accessible as possible.

Depending on the normal increase bar that Fortnite is free to play has set up as a standard, as the games progress, we will unlock coins, quiz, experiences and characters, each with the speed, statistics and powers that they make are unique.

We will do it differently rotational game methods: get 10 games and hold for 15 seconds before the opponent team, a football game loaded with cartoon violence, the assault on a duel safe to see who which falls before the competition team and even a round of nuts in the Battle Royale fashion with a small populated map with 10 players.

Nothing shines in a spectacular way, but the last one is definitely the one who takes the cake. Too flat to generate normal PUBG tension or Tour, small enough so that the strategy of trying to catch until two or three enemies is always the most recommended option.

There are many ideas for so much motivation

I can not say that I do not enjoy the games that are almost immediately Brawl Stars pulls me to the surface, but it's less true that the senses between this and Clash Royale They are miles away. What was almost immediate involvement, this has been completely lost.

I do not know if the problem is the sequence sequence and how slow its initial eyedropper (when it should be much more generous to produce attention), or if the problem is too predictable to & # 39; r a few measures to start. Although it is true that there has been room for the epic, to turn the score when everything seems missing, in 90% of matches the first meeting with the competitors already made clear who was going to dominate the following minutes.

You lose that strategy and impact of surprise that even today is still holding the company's star game. So at some point you still play more out of curiosity and see what things you're unlocking next, not just the fact that you enjoy & # 39; r games.

The edge is for improvement there and maybe give me more desire to continue to click on my head at some point, but at the moment it does not seem something that will happen in short term I would not be surprised that the suspicions I have at the moment are the same as them Brawl Stars in the process of testing and improving for more than one year.

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