Saturday , October 1 2022

Pre-Barcelona star praised Guardiola: "Working with him is better than sex"


Dani Alves He released his word and gave interesting concepts about Josep Guardiola and José Mourinho, coaches with ideas and thoughts of conflicts who knew how to face each other on more than one occasion and will meet again at Manchester's weekend this weekend.

"(Guardiola) is the best trainer I have worked with, better than some", has sentenced Brazil's side playing for Paris Saint Germain at the moment. So, concrete was to describe the work and what he meant in his career, the Spanish strategist.

On the other hand, he admitted "everything was completed for me to reach Manchester City and do not go to a family decision, I spoke to Pep and I know I was going to work with him again, he knows I have a huge appreciation for staff and that is why I wanted to work with it again while something else came up. "Then the possibility of migration to PSG appeared and the chance to cover it.

Alves said he was not eager to make the decision to sign in to France and said: "My career has not yet stopped, English is a kind of football that's my back to many . "

In contrast to the flowers that launched in Pep, the 35-year-old football player in Brazil also spoke about Mourinho in Sky Sports: "I want to work with people who compete, with people who want to win, where I was close to working, about to reach Chelsea, before going to Barça."

And he gave details of the change of course he had at the time: "I did not go to Chelsea for the club, not me." I have already assumed that I'm going to work with Mourinho, I do not know if he had different information, who did not want to leave or anyway, since then our relationship has not been so good, but it was not my fault. "

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