Thursday , May 26 2022

Pololo de Fernanda Maciel admits a radical decision: "I do not even warn" – National


Pololo de Fernanda Maciel admits radical decision:

Luis Pettersen was very distressing at the daughter's family lawyer, who accused him of wanting a "figure". Tvn


Research continues to seek more information on extinction Fernanda Maciel, a young man who served over nine months disappeared, and if so, there is still no clarity about possible responsibility.

Luis Pettersen, polo or what has been said above, to the morning TV days Very good that the whole process is "tired and pregnant", because he has been accused of situations that he is innocent, as he said.

"They do the skills that they need to do, but it does not matter that my family's lawyer has supported me as a student", says Pettersen.

He added that the "mental fatigue" produced by the matter had decided to take a radical decision.

"I will leave Chile at any time, in the least known time, I will not even warn you", says Pettersen, who said that this law should not be taken as "escape, as I also need a cure".


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