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Pinilla Case: Blue Blue must pay just over 460 million pesos of compensation to the "assault dismissal"


Finally, the teleseries between Universidad de Chile and Mauricio Pinilla are over. San Miguel Labor Court, awards a payment of just over 460 million pesos, by Azul Azul to the front, after he left the bully out of the lay cast, which took place in June, and that led to demand for unjustified dismissal.

The opinion, ordered by the judge Alondra Castro, he decided to pay a Payment "$ 147,454,616 for extra compensation and $ 313,341,059, for loss of profits".

In his decision, the court established that Azul Azul violates Mauricio Pinilla's rights and also said that "with the oral dismissal that began on July 31, 2018 at a press conference, thereby preventing the freedoms of action and the complainant, because even between November 7, 2018, it was still register as a player on his squad, preventing even the possibility of hiring a new hire with other sports clubs ", referring to the fact that he did not reach the Atlas of Mexico.

In addition, the report added the announcement about the dismissal of the player, made through a press conference, "It was affecting the actor's honor, by announcing the term of their employment relationship, which is otherwise limited to the formalities provided by Article 162 of the Labor Code."

Pinilla and a lawyer, Alejandro Cariz, also asked for law classifications for Azul Azul board members and Sports Law for sports manager, Ronald Fuentes and Azul Azul jurist José Joaquín Laso. which was finally rejected by the Court.

Whatever, the U concession can be appealed before the Appeals Court, so it could eventually have changes.

And what did the plaintiff say?

The old blue assault briefly talked about her twitter, about this situation: "With weakness becoming justice!" He wrote this afternoon. And from the Sifup, he approved the favorable decision to the player.

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