Tuesday , August 16 2022

PDI responds to allegations of alleged harassment of Teresa Marinovic


Teresa Marinovic used social networks to deny alleged harassment of the PDI, ensuring that this responded to a "journalistic investigation" that is developing for ultimate corruption in the organization.

"I have just received about 20 former PDI officers in my home, for an investigation I am doing into corruption in the main PDI. And I'm about to leave my house, where its owner appears in the Patent Registry, Chile Investigative Police t"He said on his Twitter.

As if that was all, he added in that vehicle they carried a service weapon. Along with that, there were two people on a motorcycle, also with weapons.

In the face of this, The Police Investigation acknowledged that an institutional vehicle had been located in the vicinity of the columnist's address, but explained that "PDI personnel were carrying out investigative action in the public transit, in the context of an ongoing police investigation involving # 39 the identification of criminal gangs, t some members have transferred themselves as police officers, in various criminal acts. "

Along with this, we emphasize ", t To date no formal complaint has been received regarding the facts reported and it was not possible to set up a communication with the party that is applying ". t

Finally, the institution reiterates that “the PDI is an investigative force, of a scientific-technical nature, operating – within a framework of legitimacy – only in a fact-investigating function that could amount to crime. ”.

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