Monday , October 3 2022

PDI is investigating the discovery of two bodies in the Las Compañías de La Serena National sector


PDI staff investigate the perception of the body of two men in the Las Companies sector, in the community of La Serena.

The discovery was made by those who passed by 13:00 a.m. morning near the sports fields of the sector, warning Carabineros.

For the place, I had to locate on the street Islón Avenue with Aurora de Chile, the police arrived and confirmed that both people had died.

The prosecutor left the duty of an inquiry into the case responsible for Homicide Brigade or PDI.

According to the predecessors, the two deceased persons would have been detected by people who pass in some sort of ruco, where they appear to stay overnight, as they are two of people in a position on the street.

"At the place the appropriate specialties were realized, such as the external audit of both bodies, with which to establish that final there are no elements or evidence that presume that a third party assumes, because the victims did not present injuries, "said the testament Cristian Lobos, head of La Serena Homicide Brigade.

The deceased's bodies were transferred to the Legal Medical Service, to maintain the corresponding autopsy and the ability to precise exact death.

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