Friday , March 5 2021

Paz Bascuñán answers allegations of normalizing López behavior: this has gone too far TV and Show

By means of a statement to the press, Paz Bascuñán responding to the allegations made against her and against her husband, Miguel Asensio, because the behavior of sexual director harassment has been normalized Nicolás López.

Remember that Asensio is a partner of López in the company Sobras de Bascuñán, one of the muscles and films, so after the appearance of the allegations against the artist, the criticisms against the couple did not wait.

"What he was doing (López) was so normalized he knew everything from his room. Paz Bascuñán and her husband knew about it. At such a level was the normalization, on his birthday he made a sketch where he said what he was doing … He is a person who produces huge riots and that's common from Karadima down, "said T13 Juan Pablo Hermosilla, an attorney for most complainants.

After that, the actor sent a hard statement published by Glamorama.

"I have ever defended and I continue to protect women's rights and dignity by rejecting all forms of violence and abuse, which I consider is essential for building a more just society, that is why I can not accept that under the lack of this necessary case, there are really men and women who are defaults"I'm sure.

"They seriously hurt, not only people's honors in an irreversible way, but also the possibility of changing to a society where respect outweighs from abuse. With the lack of truth, they weaken the credibility of so many women who have suffered genuine abuse and that is inevitable. " he added.

"We live at times where the assumption of innocence is not guaranteed as right, times of integrity, which can only see polar visions and where anyone has freedom say what they want each other for each other without really caring if it's really or a lie ", he added.

"This has gone too far and I can not accept that a lawyer is unscrupulous, without any background and without any professional ethics, contacting me and my husband as complications of abuse"he says.

"What's right and with what evidence is Mr Hermosilla pointing us as concealers? If you have a serious previous person against my husband or my pity, I'll ask you to inform the court. I will not sit suddenly because I will not contribute to a society where it is conveniently restless, "he said.

"I have never received, since you know everyone I have worked directly, misleading me or my colleagues, less abuse of sexual or labor contribution, I have always acted accordingly. Violence is not fought, or does not fight for the dignity of women without the truth, "he explained.

"I hope the truth will lie in a fair trial, even if it's going against the current prejudice," it came to the conclusion.

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