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Paty Maldonado launched himself against Camila Vallejo and Karol Cariola: she was treated with "pinganillas". TV and Show

Patricia Maldonado added another career career, since she has now applied for stringent words against the deputies Camila Vallejo and Karol Cariola, after passing Copihue de Oro with Mapiwhe's flag and shirts by Gladys Marin and Pedro Lemebel.

Remember, a few days ago, when presenting Copihue awards, the deputies looked different than we usually saw on celebrities. The images of the deceased leader and the author who died in 2015 were not ignored in their clothes. So at least it was clear, after the panellist Lots of Taste talk about this participation

On his radio program with Raquel Argandoña, Patricia Maldonado went out to the heavy artillery and went into a jacket against the deputies of the Communist Party.

"Do you know who it was and that one appeared with the Gladys Marin T-shirt Karol Cariola and Camila Vallejo. The following is a question of a million: They are two deputies who can not stand the It is a show that they find that this whole world is the worst, because they are deputies and they are intelligent, they are at another level, we're nothing … What they did there, this is the question I ask myself and they went through the red carpet! ", left comments from the singer.

Maldonado accused that many double & # 39; in his participation, and his time on the red carpet is embarrassing. But that's not all, as he has taken advantage of referring to having occupied Gladys' image.

"I'm sorry for Gladys Marin, because he's real, he did not lie. Gladys Marin was not a floating floor, all of them are pinganillas in a mobile floor, no more. a good perfume, an iPhone, expensive cream, hairdressers from the neighborhood, because they will not go to La Pintana to paint them. They go to summer Cachagua or they're going to Miami first. In Cartagena, I'm scared Raquel crazy! Cartagena has broken! They're not going to go ", It was the fierce darts of the panellist.

That was the last sentence he sentenced to his words "People have to start to understand that they sell us the cuff … Not me, the cuffle did not sell it for me a long time ago".

Do you agree with words?

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