Sunday , April 11 2021

Paredes could play for Colo Colo against Huachipato by appealing to regulate

After participating with the National Team of Chile in the friends against Costa Rica and Honduras, Esteban Paredes joined Colo Colo and with good news. Even so, though the numbers and caps of the albums are better have stopped and he said in advance to the National Championship, He could be present for the duel against Huachipato.

The attacker was able to benefit because Danny Pérez returned an injury from the Venezuela U20 team, which allows the Cacique to go to article 15.

The regulation states that "had an authorized player of a professional club team been injured as he was involved in a call to the National Absolute Selection, National Adult National Extract, U20 National Extract or Adult selection or U20 a dramatic, can be replaced by date by a player suspended over a three-day period, disrupting the sanction applied by the Autonomous Disciplinary Court.

In this way, the scanner could see steps before the steels at the CAP stadium in Dalcahuano and both dates must be stopped which dragged them to meet on the last date, when the albums are measured before the University of Concepción, and on the first day of the next tournament.

Remember that Colo Colo It's up at 12:00 on this Saturday against Huachipato, in an essential duel for the Cacique in his goal of distributing 2019 South American Cup

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