Monday , October 26 2020

Pampita's unexpected gesture with the Benjamin family Vicuña

Carolina Ardohain, better known as Pampita, not only maintains a good relationship with Benjamin Vucuña for the well-being of the children they have in common, but good fibers also extend to the family of the Chile actor.

This became apparent at least during the broadcast of the final program of "Pampita Online", which analyzed the appearance of people on the street.

When he discovered that Chile was one of the girls he modeled on, Pampita did not stop and immediately sent them a "kiss to everyone". my friends Chile, I love them"

But he did not stay there and after cardboard said that "my sister-in-law is here with my niece also. "

Next to Carolina was the comedian Dalia Gutmann, who did not object to the revelation: "I have to ask. Your sister-in-law … who is it?" Sister …?"

"She wants to ask," ironically said Pampita, but she still replied: "O Chile! This is the first of my children, that's it, I came to see the program. "

"Dalia is an aunt, want to know everything", Carolina closed.

A new look at Pampita

A little in his program on Tuesday, Pampita showed a new look with long curly hair.

And in order for the public to familiarize him, he uploaded two videos to his instagram with his new hair.

As expected, the former Benjaminin Vicuña was praised for her new pint. Look why?

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