Friday , December 4 2020

Pacific and Emergency University: Mineduc gave a background to accelerate National research

With information from Javiera Videla, ADN.

The Ministry of Education issued on the disposal of the State Protection Council (CDE), the complaints presented by teachers and students of the Pacific Ocean University, as a result of the economic crisis that suffers the organization.

The portfolio, as well as presenting the president of the CDE, María Eugenia Manuad, all the information they handle, He asked for an analysis to find out if there is a precedent that allows the initiation of criminal action. Education Minister Marcela Cubillos also said that although the investigation course had to be assigned, it is managed to accelerate that.

"Over the last 5 years, more than 2 billion State public pesos have referred to the Pacific University, therefore, it seems reasonable to bring the background so that the CDE can analyze the initiation or criminal actions to protect the proper use of public resources ", Cubillos said.

The Pacific Ocean University has received around the last five years 2 billion pesos from the State, for higher education scholarships and resources for indirect fiscal contribution allocations and organizational development funds.

The Department of Higher Education, of his / her behalf, considersor insufficient is the proposal introduced this week by the organization to improve the situation. Head of DIVESUP, Juan Eduardo Vargas, said the possibility of relocation of students.

"We have talked to 4 organizations to be able to develop, and ultimately, signing agreements that allow relocation of students from the University of the Pacific. There is a percentage of students in their final stages of study, and they probably should continue at the University of the Pacific ", Vargas said.

Alongside this investigation, the DIVESUP assured that it will continue in meetings to have a quick response to students and teaching staff.

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