Wednesday , September 28 2022

Pablo Vargas remembered the last loss with Rodrigo Díaz in "Rojo": "He was angry for myself" | TV and Show


The dancer and the businessman Pablo Vargas re-appear in Red after several years away from television. On the occasion, apart from performing on stage, he remembered his time in the first season of the talent space.

In that final, when he faced Rodrigo Díaz, who eventually won the space, he was famous for the anger Vargas, who gave his partner a bond and then retired from the TV set.

"I was convinced that we could win, but for my participation. I think it's a personal disappointment, but it was always very good with my colleagues. The anger was personally, there was no one in particular, " he said.

Dal | TVN
Dal | TVN

At the same time, the artist said that the presentation he did on that occasion, where he worked with colleagues of Ballet Folkloric Ballet, was the most appropriate for the case.

"On my mlas, after years, I can find that the editing was not for a final, perhaps. It came with very good jobs that week and I may have chosen the last musical to be bad and playing against me ", he says.

It should be noted that the current season is Red defining who will be the final, in a process that had not been uncommon to the arguments, allowing the access of participants of the previous circle.

At present it is not clear what the dates will be for TVN talents and dance program finals.

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