Wednesday , June 29 2022

Pablo Mackenna said the harassing woman: "It's my call or writing about 200 times a day" | Society


Pablo Mackenna He used his Facebook to state a serious situation that surprised his followers: a woman harassed her.

In the story, the poet wrote: "He wrote me because I wanted him to sign some books." He was not prosperous and he began to insist, but with another look. YOU DO NOT BE MY MY NIFT"

According to him, the woman recently applied for a political office, but she does not know her real identity since she has changed with the objective of having more votes.

Subsequently, the excerpt of CQC He alleged that "he had a generator of calls and new numbers that made me have to block more than 100. Call and write a new one at any time. He ordered me to join him or it does not end. "

In addition, in the text, Mackenna says that the woman ensures she wants to help her only through her political influences, and thus can give her as the political influence new director or TVN.

"It makes me write or write about 200 times a day, my daughter, who is playing with the phone, is already scared to insist, because he's I sound at any time and if I stop it, use another, "complained, asking" please ", tell her dentist. If someone knows your family, that the dentist. Do not call me anymore. Let me give the best to insult my daughter. Unicef, someone offers immunity for dust. For TVN, who do not pay attention to it. I'm the president too. "

Finally, he revealed that the trigger knew all of his phone activities, locking it as she spoke a certain number of minutes with other people.

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